Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from The Craigs!

We are so thankful for many things here at the Craig household and here are just a few...Jesus saving us even though we don't deserve it, His glorious gift of grace, our little family of three plus three pups, our extended family, our home that keeps us warm, our friends, our jobs and work places, living in America, our great church family, cooler temperatures, our health and the little things that just make us giggle all day long. Thank you Lord for your blessings and also for the pains in life. We are thankful for it ALL.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pink Poodle Puppy!

Last year's Halloween was a little different from this year's. Sweet Charlotte was less than a month old and I truly cannot remember if I even dressed her up. All I remember is hoping that the house looked dark enough so that no one would ring the doorbell and wake up our teeny tiny baby. :)

Charlotte adores all her puppy friends, so we decided there was no costume better than a dog. I mean, doggie was her first word after all! Well, it was really a tie between Daddy and doggie since she started saying both on the same day. Anyway, I was determined to find something girly though and we came up with this little number...

Our pink poodle!

Toby liked her costume too!

Headed to the Fall Festival at Prestonwood!

Halloween is so fun! :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Charlotte is ONE!

Precious Charlotte turned ONE on October 1st. It was such a fun-filled day and even though baby girl decided that she did not need to nap at all that day, she was still so excited about all her birthday guests and fun events. Here's a peek into her day:
Breakfast included opening her first gift. A new puppy dog!

And then it was time to start getting ready for her party!!

Running around like crazy!! Aunt Peggy and The Fores came to help us out! Thank you!

A quick Chick-fil-a lunch.
And then it was time for the party to start! The theme was "Cute as a Button" and we couldn't have put it all together with out Melanie Frazier's help. She helped articulate all my thoughts and ideas onto paper and I loved everything!

Charlotte's tiny newborn clothes and shoes, guest sign-in sheet and mini chalkboards dotted with buttons as thank you gifts for guests.

My Aunt Peggy made my favorite Texas Trash and we made a kiddo mix of baby friendly foods too. Yummy turkey sandwiches (a Charlotte fave!) were on the menu too.

Pink, gray and burlap/twine/kraft paper (ha!) was the overall color scheme. :)

Ryan made AMAZING chocolate chip cookie dough pie-in-a-jars!! He came up with the idea and they were delicious.

Lot of photos from Charlotte's first year strung on tulle.

The adorable cupcakes and cakes were made by Jenni Panter with Yum Scrum Cakes. She is so stinking talented!

All dressed and ready!  I sewed buttons, ribbons and rosettes onto a little tank top to complete her "Cute as a Button" tutu outfit.  Her headband is of course made by Bonjour Mae Mae!!

Checking it all out with her Daddy.

And here are all the people that love our Charlotte...

 So, there was on "oops" moment. Mommy may have had a ding-dong moment and when we put the smash cake in front of Charlotte, she may have, ahem, put the candle out with her hand. Yep, it happened.
Sweet girl. So sad.

But what makes tears go away? CAKE!!

She loved it!

Charlotte loved her special day and we thank all that helped us celebrate our sweet girl! By the end of the afternoon, she was exhausted but still her silly, precious self.

Night night, my baby!